Welcome to AP Art History

Art records the political, social, economic, and religious characteristics of a time and place, and thus the interpretation and understanding of art offers more than mere appreciation of other cultures. The study of art involves an intense understanding of history and the course of historical developments. Additionally, art is a prism through which we might understand our own culture.

APAH is a year-long survey of art history beginning with pre-historic art and ending with contemporary art. Students will analyze art for its style, content, context, and purpose, and together we will look at the dialogue between art and its context. Analysis is an essential component to this course, and students will be expected to write and speak about art intelligently and maturely.

In May, students can and should take the AP exam in Art History. The AP exam requires students to construct thoughtful essays on certain art topics and images, but even more importantly, the ability to stake a position and defend clearly it using evidence is a life-long skill.

Students must have the following characteristics to succeed in this course: 1) An enjoyment of art and history; 2) Strong writing skills and solid study habits; 3) Maturity; and, 4) A willingness to participate in discussion and to ask questions. Prepare yourself to work every night in this class. Success in the course depends on dedication, imagination, and cooperation. An enthusiasm for history, a joy of learning, and a strong curiosity will also help you meet the high standards of an advanced placement class.

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